Friday, March 24, 2017

Traffic + Weather BringsYour Business & ConsumersTogether 


Total Traffic & Weather Network sponsorships reach the largest, most exclusive and highest quality audience in traffic media.

TTWN reaches over 170 million people monthly across 200 MSA markets, including 96 of the top 100 markets.

Our Traffic and Weather programming is “appointment listening” – listeners seek it out on the radio dial.  There’s no clutter to compete with – listeners want the information we’re providing, and messages are embedded right in the report. 


TTWN’s 15 and 10 second sponsorships (within local radio content) offer advertisers the ability to impact consumers not just at decision point, but with the most relevant message as well




TTWN Advantages

Reach: TTWN reports on nine of the top 10 station groups in the US (over 170 radio station groups in total), providing close to 90% reach of most demos each month

Flexibility: Live read sponsorships allow an advertiser to be more relevant to consumers. Run copy based on day-part, day, format, weather conditions. In addition, pre-records allow advertisers to air their own produced creative

Ease: Purchase one to 200+ markets through a single point of contact. TTWN has completely merged the Clear Channel traffic inventory with the former Metro Traffic so all TTWN sellers can offer advertisers on a single or multi market basis, and a cross platform opportunity 

Connection: Connect with consumers when they seek out daily content and decisions are being made. Traffic, news and weather are the most popular programming elements outside of music*