Tuesday, February 20, 2018


Total Traffic & Weather delivers best-in-class traffic programming and services -- plus news, sports and weather -- with nationwide operations, cutting-edge technology, and the best talent in the business.
  • Total Traffic & Weather Network has more than 1,200 professional traffic reporters and producers.  No other team comes close. 
  • Total Traffic & Weather Network serves 200+ metropolitan areas across the country, including 96 of the top 100 MSAs, covering 350,000 miles of roadway -- more than anyone else.
  • Total Traffic & Weather Network partners with leading technology companies in the traffic industry to provide the most accurate, up-to-the-minute traffic reporting and solutions for consumers.
No one delivers more comprehensive reports than Total Traffic & Weather Network.  We are committed to providing the very best traffic service to our affiliates and their audiences and to our advertising customers. Only Total Traffic can deliver commercials embedded directly in traffic reports that are read live by experienced and trusted traffic reporters.

 TTWN traffic programming is entirely “white label.”  For our affiliates, that means that traffic reports come branded to their specifications.  Audience members don’t know that the report is coming from 
Total Traffic & Weather Network – they just know they are getting the information they trust from the broadcaster they know.  Total Traffic & Weather Network does not believe that one size fits all.  We offer custom solutions across multiple platforms to meet our affiliate partners needs.


Total Traffic & Weather Network programming offers a unique opportunity to embed a message directly in the traffic report so it is not surrounded by clutter., Research shows that audiences actively seek out traffic information so embedded commercials make sure an advertiser’s message is heard by the audience   


The quality of Total Traffic & Weather Network's audience is very high, and our reach can’t be beat: Our audience matches the size of the Super Bowl audience – every day. 


Traffic Centers
Total Traffic & Weather Network operations centers crisscross the country, offering the widest possible coverage of the country’s top metropolitan areas. Our largest competitor has one (1).

These hubs gather information from a multitude of sources – reports from our traffic helicopters and airplanes, live video from thousands of highway cameras, speed reports from highway sensors and cell-phone probe data, police and highway department bulletins, 511 “tipster” lines, construction and road-closure alerts, and many more.

Total Traffic & Weather Network reporters constantly track dozens of information sources and enter them into a single database, mapping trouble spots in real time. 


Because traffic problems aren’t limited to rush hours, TTWN operations centers are staffed around the clock, 365 days year, with dedicated professionals updating conditions throughout the day and night.   

News, Sports and Weather
While traffic is job one, we also offer custom news, data services, entertainment coverage, sports, and weather.